Short Stay

Some of our studios and apartments are based on Short Stay. This means the maximum rental period is 1 year for foreign students and 6 months for other (Dutch and foreign) tenants.

Short Stay
The residences of the Mathilde wing of Victoriapark Lighting and Paradise City are Short Stay residences. For foreign students, a maximum lease period of one year is possible. All other (Dutch and foreign) tenants are eligible to stay at the residence for a maximum of 6 months.

Conditions for Short Stay
When applying for a Short Stay residence, you will be asked to provide a copy of acceptance letter as a proof of student status.

Please note that if a couple apply for an apartment, both applicants must be able to provide the required documents to qualify for a 12 month tenancy, otherwise the maximum term will be 6 months.

These are the rules. And unfortunately no exceptions will be allowed. After the lease period you are required to find alternative housing yourself. You are not allowed to extend your stay or register again for another residence within the compound. After one year you may register again if needed. In that case you will have to start over and go through the registration process again.

Long term rentals
All our other buildings offer a long term contract!