Laundry service

Some of our buildings have a collective launderette, a communal area where you can wash and dry your clothes. The perfect solution when you don't have a washing machine!

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How does the Miele launderette work?
Some of our buildings in Eindhoven have a launderette. In your studio or apartment there might not always be enough space for a washing machine and dryer. And it may not be easy to dry your clothing in the accommodation. In these buildings we have the perfect solution: a collective launderette, a communal area where you can wash and dry your clothes, maybe even at pre-established and booked times.

The launderette has modern, professional Miele washing machines and dryers which can make your clothes last longer. Whether it is wool, silk, denim or cotton, thanks to many special washing and drying cycles and the unique Miele SoftCare drum, every type of textile will get the treatment it deserves. Besides, the Miele washing machines and dryers are Professional, guaranteeing quick washing and drying cycles.

How does it work?
At your check-in appointment with us, you will get a tag on loan which gives you access to "My Launderette".

What can you do?
  • Upgrade your balance of Miele Wash-tag via iDeal or credit card
  • Book your washing slot online
  • Turn on/off text reminders for your reservation
  • Set your own password
  • At the launderette you can also login to My Launderette via the washing machines
On the machine you can:
  • Check your balance
  • Make reservations in the My Launderette system
  • Set a text reminder for the reservation or when your laundry is ready
Advantages of the Launderette:
  • Digital reservation and payment system
  • Special quick cycles with professional Miele equipment
  • Fair breakdown of energy costs and reasonable prices. The price for washing is approximately €2,35 without washing powder. You can buy the detergent of your choice. The price for drying will be approx. €2,35
  • No more drying your laundry at your studio
  • More room in your home/bathroom
  • Meet people
  • WiFi at the launderette