House Rules

Maintaining the house rules has our priority, because each tenant deserves an comfortable living environment!

Maintaining the house rules is a major aspect of the administration performed by Eindhoven2Stay. The rules will be discussed with you before signing the lease contract. Clear and transparent communication always works best when it comes to these matters. The house rules relate, among other things, to:

  • Noise nuisance
  • Supervision and maintenance of the number of tenants in the residence
  • Clear rules about waste, such as disposing of waste in the right place and leaving the communal areas behind tidily (launderette, roof terrace and meeting point)
  • Posters or other statements on the windows (not allowed)
  • Laundry hanging out of the window (not allowed)
  • Pets (not allowed)
  • Subletting your accommodation (not allowed)

Please click here for an overview of the house rules.

We expect everyone to comply with the house rules. If you should notice that the house rules are not being observed, please contact us.

When a tenant gives notice for cancellation of the contract, Eindhoven2Stay follows a clear procedure and the tenant is expected to return the home in a tidy and clean state. If necessary Eindhoven2Stay will repair any defects discovered during the inspection and will have the house cleaned. This is how Eindhoven2Stay can guarantee each tenant to receive a well-cared-for and clean residence.