Feel at home at Eindhoven2Stay! Study, meet up with friends or just relax after a long day of work. No time for worries, we understand that!

Services Eindhoven2Stay:

  • Cleaning of communal areas; a clean housing environment is our priority.
  • Quick service when it comes to repairing or replacing household items.
  • Surveilling of House Rules.
  • Taking care of your housing allowance.
  • Ensure optimal living enjoyment for the entire rental period.

Eindhoven2Stay is service-oriented, as you will notice straight away after registering for a residence:

  1. If you meet the conditions, Eindhoven2Stay will take care of your housing allowance application, allowing you to stay at the residence of your choice for an affordable price.
  2. We will schedule a time for the transfer of keys and we will then inspect the home together.
  3. Eindhoven2Stay is easy to approach. Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us or first visit or FAQ section. Eindhoven2Stay will make sure that your residence continues to meet your requirements.