How to book

Book your new home in just a few steps. In order to book, you need to be registered on our website.

Income requirements:
To be able to rent one of our accommodation, there are some requirements you need to meet. After you have placed a booking, you will be asked to submit the files described below within 48 hours.

When you are an (international) student, we will need your current proof of enrolment of your university.* 

Young professional 
When you are a young professional or not a student anymore, the income requirement is 4 times the basic rent. If you don’t meet the income requirement there is also the possibility to have your parents co-sign the rental agreement. 
Example: the Victoria park loft basic rent is € 652,- which means the minimum (collective) income requirement is € 2612,- gross a month. 

* We always have the right to ask for more info, (income) specifications or a formal landlord statement.


How to book an apartment/studio at Eindhoven2Stay?
Book your new home in just a few steps. In order to book, you need to be registered on our website. Check out the following overview on how we work:

Step 1: Create an account
In order to book a residence, you will first need to register yourself as a Premium member and create an account. The one-time registration fee is €23,50 (non-refundable). Please make sure beforehand that you meet our requirements.

Step 2: Check out the available residences
Every week on Tuesday, we publish new studios and apartments on our website at our page Available apartments. Premium members will receive an email notification when new properties are available for rent. 

Step 3: Book your ideal studio/apartment
If you find your perfect residence, you can book the residence on our website right away after logging in. With each listing we listed down what payments need to be done to complete your booking.

Step 4: Your additional information
When we have received your booking, we will check if you meet our requirements. Also, on our request we may need additional details about you which you can complete through your online account. We always reserve the right to refuse a booking. In this case, you will receive a refund of your downpayment.

Step 5: Your contract
Almost there! Once we have received your additional information and your booking has been approved, you will receive your contract. Next step is to sign your contract digitally through your account.

Step 6: Payment
In order to complete your booking, you need to pay the first month's rent and your deposit.

Step 7: Check-In to your new home
You made it! The final step is to plan the Check-In moment. We will invite you to plan your Check-In appointment through an online calendar, available in your personal online account. Before you move in, we inspect your new residence in order to make sure your accommodation is up to our standards.

Step 8: Enjoy your stay!

Have a question? Check out our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions or contact us.